Hands on session with Ravi Aluganti

Ravi Aluganti and his son Manjunath made a visit to STEMLAND and Isai Ambalam school earlier this week. They stayed here for a couple of days and were involved in many of the activities with both children and teachers. Ravi Aluganti was well known for his skills in crafts and hands on activities.

This is what he did with children when he came here a couple of years ago : https://isaiambalamschool.wordpress.com/2017/08/19/kirigami-origami/

This time, Ravi helped teachers in making english and math related materials, paper gliders and also in choosing project based on learning outcomes and time bounds.

With children, Ravi did some cool stuffs like paper flower pop outs, puppets, paper gliders,etc.., Children and teachers also built few roller coasters together with some creative ideas and inputs from Ravi. Everyone enjoyed the session with him.

He also visited Endangered craft mela with children.

~Murali , Poovizhi

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