Sleepover is organized from 5th grade to 8th graders at Isai Ambalam school every Wednesday. The children who are interested stay at school on this day. It is organized in order to support the individual growth of the children in different aspects where they require. For instance, the children are scaffolded by the teachers to learn English, Maths, Inspiration projects, drawings Education by design(EBD) and etc. 

 At present, the English program has started. The children do various activities during this day. From 4.30 pm to 6.15 pm, the English program starts. The teachers teach the stories through actions and conduct interesting English games according to their levels. After that, the children are supported by their homework with some of their teachers. 

After finishing the homework, the children go to sleep and start the next day by Soorya Namaskar ( Greeting and prayer to the Sun) at 7 am in the morning. 

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