Making of Markandeyan short film – Self confidence

-Logeshwari, Arun

We are group 1 – Self confidence in the inspiration project. In continuation of recitation, 7 points, and markandeyan story we need to make a short film which includes the 7 points as values in the story.

We got the costumes and properties and we started filming. Before starting filming, we wrote the script in Tamil then translated it in English. We chose different locations around us. We started filming. Once the filming was done we started editing the video choosing appropriate background music, animations, special effects, and dubbing.

This is the first time that students and teachers are making a short film. This is a completely new and interesting experience for all of us. We learned how to write a script which would be in 5 to 8 minutes, makeup, camera positioning, choosing appropriate locations, editing, and visual effects.

Finally we made the short film of Markandeya story in 13 minutes and below is the link of the video.

We presented it to the other teams.

Short film of Markandeyan made by Self confidence

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