Inspiration Research Project

~Sandhiya, Ranjith

. Description of project:

What will you research and how?

Phase 1 (6 months)

  • The research will look at how we can create a constant aspiration through a personality development course that works on inspiration through words, stories, poems, etc and how it can help the school imbibe these values in life.
  • Basic literature survey on what is available in Auroville in this domain of personality development, aspiration, values, etc.
  • To develop indicators on what we as teachers would like to see, to assess our aspiration as a school for a deeper and higher life. We have some ideas but feel that these need to be developed further as we perceive changes in our and children’s behavior.
  • The six-month course will have 6-8 groups of children and adults (5/6 children+1/2 teacher+1/2 STEM volunteer). Each group will receive one topic e.g. concentration, meditation, integrity, power of thought, control of mind, discipline, etc. They will also receive some pointers and some existing material on these topics. The groups will work to learn more about the topic, practice, find sayings, articles, etc and create products such as drawings, drama, essays, presentations, share reflections around this topic. Each month (on 2nd Sat) one group (or two) groups will present their work. As the topics are abstract, multiple approaches will support the ideas to land. There will also be a Q & A and quiz program that engages all the groups and not only the group that is taking a lead in the initiative.
  • For the research, the researchers will survey and have interviews with the teachers and children in each group that capture the indicators being developed.

Phase 2: (we are quite hopeful that phase 1 will be successful to do a phase 2)

  • After the six months, the program will be reviewed for clarity of understanding of these topics as well as how children and adults feel it has supported them having a stronger aspiration based on the indicators.
  • We will also review all the presentations that had made an impact e.g. experiential learning, mini-research within the school, etc and create a database of these. We will also see where these were effectively interrelated with curricular learning.
  • A careful review of the literature survey with the lens of creating a similar program and putting together these resources already available from Auroville schools, Auroville outreach schools or Ashram that can be useful for this. We hope to consolidate all these useful resources.
  • All the above will be used by the researchers in adapting this program in the context of Auroville and the work of Sri Aurobindo and the Mother. We hope to create a year-long program to execute in the next academic year.

“If you are not constant in aspiration, nature will then sink into the old lower ways”.

-Sri Aurobindo

Gems from Sri Aurobindo, First series, p.7

Regarding the proposal children and teachers was woking on the inspiration projects.

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