Real Personality – Part 1


We are group Two – Real Personality in the inspiration project.

The team members are Anbu, Vasanth, Sandhiya, Sanjeev and Prabha from teachers and Mithun, Gurumoorthy, Sabari, Harish, Aathi and Devanand from students. There were seven passages in the card given to us which had the sayings of Swami Vivekanda. We translated them in Tamil and English and discussed the meaning with the team. We were given the story of Thirujana Sambandar related to the theme of Real Personality.

Our students learn moral values and integrals education in the translation. Swami Vivekananda quotes help children take responsibility on their own.


Mithun presented the Thirujana Sambandar story to everyone and other members supported in creating visuals/drawings to convey the story. We worked on sleepovers and Saturday Schools on this project. It made us work as a team and fill in gaps and support each other. It is a good project that both teachers and students put time together. It was a good opportunity for people to express their drawing skills and to learn what Vivekanda had said.

A few weeks later we prepared a recitation or essay based on the theme of Real Personality. This work was done completely by teachers. But children supported in the drawing. Once the essay was ready we translated it in Tamil and children (GuruMoorthy and Mithun) presented it in Tamil.

Real Personality theme

In the story of Thirujana Sambandar and the essay we learned the following:

1)Repeatedly having good thoughts, words and actions leave us with a good imprint and a good character. As you sow, you shall reap – the environment you choose will decide you.

2)If you have Bad thoughts, it leads to bad action. If you have good thoughts, in any situation hundred thousand angels protect you.

3)Truth is Strengthening, Truth is Purity, Truth is all- knowledge. Anything weakening should be rejected as poison.
4)Teach children they are glorious and immortal and they can do anything.
5)We want now is strong muscles and unbreakable will power to work

In the Real Personality, Students and teachers learned 5 aspects of development i.e. being physically strong, mentally balanced, morally sound, intellectually sharp and spiritually advanced is real personality.

Recitation part link

Good words and good thoughts make a man’s good character and that makes him happy. Children learn from the passage.

Presenting Recitation part

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