Inspiration – Self Confidence

Courage – The name of the flower given by Mother

-Logeshwari, Arun

We are group one – self confidence in the inspiration project.

The team members are Alex, Arun, Logeshwari, Niramla and Vasanthraj from teachers and Dhavadharshini, Mithrasree, Ruthreshwaran, Sangavi, Sharani and Swetha from students. There were seven passages in the card given to us which had the sayings of Swami Vivekanda. We translated them in Tamil and discussed the meaning with the team. We were given the story of Markandaya related to the theme of self confidence.


Sharani presented the story to everyone and other team members supported in creating visuals/drawings to convey the story. We worked on sleep overs and Saturday Schools on this project. It made us to work as a team and fill in gaps and support each other. It is a good project that both teachers and students put time together. It was a good opportunity for people to express their drawing skills and to learn what Vivekanda had said.

A few weeks later we prepared a recitation or essay based on the theme of self confidence. This work was done completely by teachers, but children supported in the drawing. Once the essay was ready we translated it in Tamil and children (Mithrasree and Dhavadharshini) presented it in Tamil.

Self confidence theme

In the story of Markandaya and the essay we learnt the following:

  • To have faith in oneself and faith in God
  • Never mind failures and keep going until success
  • What our country expects us is the energetic youngsters to have unfailing truth.

These are some of the images that children drew for the recitation


Powerpoint presentation on the seven passages of self-confidence written by Swami Vivekanda.

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