Poovizhi and Murali

Krishnan maharaj from Ramakrishna mission in Chengalpattu. He is in the management of the polytechnic and works in building personality and leadership. We had a session on inspiration in Isaiamblam school with the teachers and children from 5th to 8th. We discussed about inspiration and how it feels when we get inspired. Then we learnt about value added education where we need to add value to whatever we study and to what ever higher grade we go. Then we split up into 6 teams and got a topic for each team. The team was mixed with teachers, STEM land volunteers and children .

The topics were:

  1. True education
  2. Real worship
  3. Art of meditation
  4. self – confidence
  5. secret of concentration
  6. Real personality

We had the sayings of Swami Vivekananda for each topic and children copied those in their notebook. We were asked to come up with our own example stories for each topic, theme drawing, speech, and translation drama.

This week we translated the lines and explained to the children what it means and gave an example story of people who were liberated in their childhood related to the above topics. Children noted down their questions to ask to Krishnan Maharaj when he comes next time.

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