Feedback on New School Software


We are 7 members (Anupama,Logeshwari,Saranya,Sandhiya,Abilash ,Murali and Praba) to created a new version of school software.In this software we can create a plan for student and teacher can make asssessment and print the plan for the week .A student fill the weekly plan and work on the plan and teacher will assess the student plan based on the performance of student.

The teacher can also view the plan and assessment for the date range they select and make print if they want.And teachers and student also can see the sunburst for plan and assessment.

The New software is much more easier and convenient for students and teachers.It has new features like edit plan and edit assessment which was not present in the previous software.It also has date range ,filters, copy of old plan,navbar, making multiple plan etc.,


Two weeks before we presented the software to teachers and students in IsaiAmabalam and Udavi School.We got many feedback and suggestion from teachers and students.They all liked this software are eager to use this software.

Now , we are currently working on feedback and suggestion .We are almost done with the software. By end of March 2019 we will complete the software.

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