Shapes and angles with 5th grade

– Logeshwari, Ranjith and Pratap

Fifth graders were learning about shapes and angles in Mathematics. We did an EBD (Education By Design) on this topic. Initially we discussed what are the shapes that children knew. Most of them told square, triangle and circle. Other shapes like pentagon, hexagons were not familiar for most of the students. Then we discussed the other shapes and we did a small activity.

Children made Arvind Gupta matchsticks models using match sticks and cycle valve rubber tubes. The match sticks were the sides and rubber tubes were the vertices.

Children also made the shapes in scratch. Two people per team and there were 7 teams in total. Children first drew the square which just needed 90 degree to rotate. Then they made pentagon, hexagon and triangle and rectangle. Drawing triangle and rectangle was little difficult for children.
Link to the scratch project:

Children became familiar about angles while doing these shapes. In order to show them the internal angles of any triangle is 180 degree we prepared a paper kit.  Children were asked to cut any type of triangles of their choice. Children cut the triangles. By making a parallel line fold from top and folding the remaining two sides would make it a rectangle. By joining vertices a straight line formed at the bottom. This indicates that the sum of any triangle would be 180 degree.

All the above activities were not involving any physical work. We prepared a model to show triangle inequality and sum of angles is 180 degree using bamboo and pro-circle. We used bamboo and cut them in appropriate dimensions. We placed three pro-circle in three vertices and made the sides movable. To show triangle inequality we made the base larger than the other two sides.










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